Conveniently located just 160 miles from the USA border in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, Lanix Med Global is ideally situated to capture advantages of low cost, well educated work force, and close near shore proximity to USA and global market ports.
With more than 20 years of experience in the Maquiladora & Medical Device/Electronic Industry and a solid Business Background we offer solutions for every need including:
  • Medical Devices & Electronic Medical Equipment Contract Manufacturing
  • Sub Assembly, Final Assembly, Packaging & Kitting
    Turnkey Operations
  • Increase Your Control with Shelter Program Operations Guidance

  • Lease Manufacturing Ready Space
  • Warehouse & Production Areas
    Clean Room Space
  • Build to Suit Facilities

  • Logistics Services
  • Distribution
    México & US Warehousing
  • Consulting Services

    Reduce Product Cost =
    Increase Profits

    Rapid, Low Cost New
    Product Scale Up

    Alleviate need for
    Building Expansion

    Strategic Partner
    FDA Registration
    number 3009128451

    Quality System
    ISO 13485:2003 & 21
    CFR Part 820 QSR